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Assistive Listening Devices

  • Are designed to assist individuals that are deaf and hard of hearing.
  • Many can be used with or without hearing aids.
  • Some are designed for safety and others for communication.
  • May be a good alternative for those who can not afford hearing aids.
  • Also a good accessory for specific situations when hearing aids are not enough.

Telephones and Telephone Accessories

  • Amplified Telephone – with volume and tone controls
  • Amplified Answering Machines
  • Ringer Amplifier – can be added to the line of your current phone
  • Cell Phone Accessories
    • Silhouette
    • Neckloop
    • ELI- for BTE hearing aids and Bluetooth compatible cell phones
  • TeleTYpewriter (TTY) – allows users to type message to others with TTY. To communicate with those without a TTY, a Relay Service is used.
  • Relay Service – this is a free service provided by your telephone company. Individuals without a TTY speak to the Relay Service, who then types the message for the TTY user. The Relay Service then speaks the type message from the user of the TTY to the non-TTY user.
    • Dial 711 and an operator will assist

Alarm Clocks & Watches

  • Amplified alarm clocks, up to 113 dB
  • Wake up with flashing lights
  • Wake up when your pillow or bed vibrates
  • Watches that vibrate and light up

Smoke Detectors

  • With strobe lights and extra loud horn

Signaling Systems

  • Uses different lights and flashes to signal for the doorbell, the telephone, the smoke detector, kitchen timer, even a baby’s cry.

Personal Listening Systems

  • Pocket Talker– pocket sized amplifier, perfect for in groups, or in the car. Can be used with or without hearing aids.

FM Systems

  • Uses wireless transfer to bring speech directly to your ears. Speaker wears a microphone/transmitter which sends signal directly to a personal receiver which delivers sound to you through your hearing aids or a headset. These may be available at your local church, movie theater, concert hall or auditorium. Just Ask!!

TV Products

  • Closed Captioning Decoders
  • TV Ears/Direct Ear- allows you to control the television volume of your own personal headset. Can be used with or without hearing aids. Completely wireless.